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Saturn Programming Manual Vol.1 Saturn Programming Manual Vol.2 Saturn Development Tools Manual SEGA Basic Library (SBL) Saturn Graphic Library (SGL) Saturn Graphics Tools Manual Saturn Sound Tools Manual Saturn Technical Bulletins Preliminary Technical Bulletins Other (Outdated or unspecified, not distributed in 1997) DTS Developer Newsletter

Renesas Technology (formerly Hitachi Semiconductor) documentation:

Freescale (formerly Motorola) documentation:

Psy-Q documentation:

Cross Products documentation:

Compilers, libs and tools:

Macintosh tools.

You can get a free PC extractor for .sit files from StuffIt. However, it seems to have problems with some of the archives here.


10.11.2008 Page moved again.
xx.12.2004 Page moved.
04.01.2004 Added the Mirage manual, thanks to Lawrence at NFG Game Sales. Also added the Psy-Q tools.
12.05.2003 Added ExCyber's cleaned-up SGL package.
01.01.2003 Added the docs for Hitachi's compiler tools. Marginally useful as a reference for old sourcecode.
02.11.2002 Psy-Q Systems manual, some links and reformatting.
19.10.2002 Uploaded the Mac tools, SBL and some PC tools. Also from CyberWarriorX.
09.10.2002 Uploaded the last of CyberWarriorX's docs.
29.09.2002 Massive update, a big "thank you" goes to CyberWarriorX (and SkankinMonkey too). There is even more stuff to add, but that is mostly tool documentation so it'll have to wait a bit until I rearrange stuff.
23.09.2002 Added PTB#48 and the Disc Format Standards document.
02.09.2002 Added ASH WARE link.
13.08.2002 Thanks to ExCyber you can now download the SMPC manual. Added the M68k PRM.
25.07.2002 Broke up the docs package into individual downloads, added the Hitachi docs, shuffled some files around and added the KPIT link.
13.05.2002 Added two versions of the System Library User's Guide. One contains the CD interface, the other has other things in it. I grabbed them from Sega Maniacs, why not pay them a visit? (Note, Sega Maniacs seems to have died. Too bad.)
12.05.2002 Repacked the SGL and GCC files for significant savings.
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