This is stuff I made myself.

Support files:


Sample programs:

I knocked up a patch for Panzer Dragoon Saga that removes the cheat cartridge protection and makes it multi-region. The patch works on all four discs.
You can download the SNASMSH2 assembler from Bart Trzynadlowski's homepage.
Gameboy Advance Dev'rs is a good resource for GCC info. Check the FAQ section!
10.02.13: Added SATNKernel links.
18.03.06: Added FT2232 tools.
12.05.03: Added the SCU DSP disassembler.
30.11.02: Updated the copperbar samples. When the bar hit the last line of the screen, the overscan area would display the same colour (thanks to Charles MacDonald for explaining this). The solution was to make a new sinetable so the bar won't hit the last row.
05.09.02: crt0.S, linkscript, C version of copperbar sample.
23.07.02: Put the PDS patch up for download.
19.06.02: Fix something, break something else. I mistakenly removed the masking of the sinevalue, leading to a corrupted display. Oops*2.
12.06.02: Removed some code left over from a previous version from the copperbar program. Oops.

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